We are mentors, guides, researchers, leaders and servants. We are coaches.

Our team's different backgrounds have made possible to create a unique coaching system for tailor made coaching services.

We have an exceptional combination of knowledge, skills and practical experience in elite sport, which we use to bring change to everyday training and coaching.

Harri yrttiaho

Performance development has interested and inspired me from a very young age. It has led me down this path. At first it was about developing myself, but that quickly turned into a desire to help and develop others. In my sporting career, I felt I didn’t get all the teaching and guidance I needed to develop. My ambition is to change this, and help athletes and driven people to achieve their goals.

My coaching is driven by commitment, desire to improve and honesty. I can combine research, practical experience and creativity. For me, coaching is a collaboration in which the athlete plays an important role. Working together we can find the best way for everyone to get the best out.

Coaching is about creating the right environment where it is safe for athletes to experiment, explore and develop their skills. Without failure, there is no progress. As a coach, I am social, conversational and open. I believe that by being persistent and a little bit better every day we can achieve anything.

Sports career: Superpesis Kouvola (Finnish Baseball)

MAsters in Sports Science (JYU)

Club coaching: HIFK (Liiga), Joensuu Kataja (Korisliiga), Vaasa Sport (Liiga)

Samuel Haanpää

I coach because I want to help my coaches move forward towards their goals. In my own sporting career, I would have liked to see more individualised, expert coaching, which takes a holistic view of the different aspects of coaching.

Coaching is a collaboration between the coach and the coachee. I encourage my athletes to take responsibility for their own development, to ask questions and seek answers. We can often do better than we initially believe or have been led to believe.

As a coach, I am social, supportive, conversational and open. In my coaching, every client is important and we work together towards the goals set by the client. In the end, it all comes down to practice and making the process meaningful and relevant.

There is always room for improvement.

Sports career: international basketball professionally for 10+ years (Europe and Americas), national team athlete for men’s national team (Susijengi)

Bachelor’s degree in marketing

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