SAHA Training is the coaching service that develops and trains elite athletes and young prospects who are aiming to the top level.

We focus in every athlete individually and comprehensively to help athletes achieve their maximum potential in their specific sport.


New way of training athletes individually
and comprehensively


Everything started out of conversations where we were pondering the development of athletes in Finnish pro sports and athletic circles in all. We felt that many things can be done better, especially the way individual athletes are being developed. Based on our experiences the potential of individualistic training is not fully understood.

The trend around the world is showing that training in team sports is taking more and more the individualistic approach. This will eventually take over in Finland as well.

There are already places and services that offer some type of individual training. Most of the time it has to do only with physical training. To make it to the top an athlete needs this kind of detailed training and preparation in all aspects.

There has to be an understanding of the sport specific skill and physical work combined with the mental part of sports. Service that combines game training and physical preparation from individual’s standpoint seems to be missing. We felt that this kind of service should exist.


Comprehensive and detailed training
to meet every individual’s needs


We are a coaching service and our core services are coaching and guiding athletes towards better performance and knowledge. Our main themes are individuality and comprehensiveness. We want to help our athletes to be better in game situations and competitions, not just in training and practices.

We are offering physical training in all sports and for all athletes and skill training in basketball and ice-hockey (goalies).