During my playing career even as a junior player I felt being different because I demanded a lot more from myself and others alike. I felt that things weren’t done well and there was not enough concentration on things that mattered.

This was followed almost my entire playing career and only the last few years I played in a team that had others who wanted to do things really well.

I have always been interested in physical training and I made my first programs already in high school for my high school team that I played in. I had a lot of will and passion for physical training was guidance was missing. I did too many things like it had been done before.

Many things were learned from the hard way while looking for knowledge and trying many different methods. Through my own experiences I got to into decent results considering my potential.  While making the transformation to coaching all these things have helped significantly. I want to guide others not to make same mistakes I did and help them even more.

My understanding and tool box have grown later on during my coaching career. I have through playing experience, studies and studied research assimilated what matters and how these things affect the big picture. This has helped me to differentiate what is important to each and every athlete and how to make it to the top.

Still today in coaching I see a lot of things that do not serve individual´s optimal improvement. For many times these things are fairly simple but to execute them it needs character and self-discipline. Also, you must be able to give necessary tools for athletes to execute these things.

Even though I have always dreamed of building my own business the thought came into realization when I met Samuel while working as a physical trainer of Joensuu Katajabasket. Samuel´s unprejudiced attitude to take action got me to take steps as well and the dream started to become a reality.

Master of Sports Science, Biomechanics, University of Jyväskylä

Playing career (Finnish baseball) in several club teams:

2 silver medals with Pallonlyöjät, Kouvola 2009 and 2010

Coaching career (Physical trainer):

Jokipojat, Joensuu (Ice hockey)

Silver medal 2011-12

Kataja Basket (Basketball)

Finnish cup champion 2011-12

Silver medal 2011-12, 13-14

Bronze medal 12-13

Sport Vaasa (Ice hockey)

Liiga 2014 – 2017