SAHA Training is the coaching service that develops and trains elite athletes and young prospects who are aiming to the top level.

We focus in every athlete individually and comprehensively to help athletes achieve their maximum potential in their specific sport.

We are training dedicated athletes in team and individual sports at different levels. SAHA is here to develop best possible athletes through personalized training where every detail matters.


We are trainers, mentors, coaches. We love sports and to us playing sports is a way to challenge ourselves. We love challenges and getting better. Things like getting better and breaking past your limits bring us enjoynment. To us this is what sports is all about.

We believe one can always get better and improve. We have a critical view on things. We do things our way and we demand a lot from ourselves and others. That is why we sometimes have a reputation of going against the norms. We do not fit to what is considered being average.

Before the first time we met we were both warned about each other. Now it seems those warnings were just an indication of different thoughts, challenging standards and breaking old patterns. It was no surprise that our ideas clicked right from the start. Minds that had same kind of ideas and values had met.

We want to make a change

The very basic things like holding people accountable, leadership, mental coaching, communication, information based on science and an appreciation of details seem to be less important in many teams, groups and training services. It seems that strong personalities are not always welcome. Having confidence and belief to walk their own path are taken with caution.

We want to make a change and build a different kind of community. We feel athletes need a motivating environment around them where they can excel. This environment should have an open minded communication, passion for the common good and skilled coaching. It should be a co-operation of an athlete and a coach where an athlete is being listened as well.

We challenge our athletes, support and push them forward. We make our athletes better, while looking to improve ourselves as coaches every day. We are always there for our athletes ready to help them to achieve their goals and dreams.


During my career I have experienced individual training to be the most effective form of training. From the very beginning in sports I got individual lessons since my dad was a coach and always there to help.

As I moved on I really got into individual training while I was playing basketball in a college in US.



During my playing career even as a junior I felt being different because I demanded a lot more from myself and others alike. I felt that things weren’t done well and there was not enough concentration on things that mattered.

This was followed almost my entire playing career and only the last few years I played in a team that had others who wanted to do things really well.