During my career I have experienced individual training to be the most effective form of training. From the very beginning in sports I got individual lessons since my dad was a coach and always there to help.

As I moved on I really got into individual training while I was playing basketball in college in US. My techniques in basketball took huge steps forward and I understood how effective and essential part individual training can be in one’s overall training.

During the pro years in Europe my understanding of physical training grew. I started to understand the big picture and I saw how team training was still very conservative and forgot the needs of every individual.

Especially in team sports I felt that individual is only being appreciated in stat sheets but the development of individuals should be reformed. Especially the skill and physical training should be working more together because an athlete cannot separate these things while playing either.

When I met Harri I felt I got positive feedback for my thoughts and we created new innovative ideas. Now we get to implement these ideas and we are able to help athletes in a new way.

It is an unbelievable feeling when an athlete you have helped, coached and guided improves and excels in things that you have trained and worked for.

University of Valparaiso 2006-08

The most accurate 3 point shooter in school´s history (44,5%)

Most 3-pointers made in one game: 10 (vs. Chicago State)

Professional basketball player since 2008 in leagues of Italy, Spain ja France among others

Experience from Eurochallenge and Europecup teams from several seasons

Rookie of the year 2010 in Korisliiga

MVP of Korisliiga 2013

45 men’s national team games

Nordic championship 2011

European championships in Slovenia 2013 (9th place in the tournament)