We are a coaching service whose core services are coaching and guiding athletes towards better performance and knowledge. Our main themes are individuality and comprehensiveness. We want to help our athletes to be better in game situations and competitions, not just in training and practices.

We are offering physical training in all sports and for all athletes and skill training in basketball. We consider athletes as individuals where skill work and mental and physical well-being are always treated as unison.

Contact us and let’s figure out together how we can help You to improve.

We train athletes individually and in small groups so that we can guarantee for every athlete an individual attention.

To getting started we create for our athletes full training plan so that we can help and monitor our athletes the best possible way. Training plans are always created specifically for every individual according to an individual’s goals and needs which makes different kind of training periods possible.

When training with us we take into consideration the time of the season an athlete is in and all the other trainings and practices an athlete might have through a club team.

We do not sell training programs fit for everyone because for us every athlete is an individual and their training should be as well.

For teams and groups we offer training in small groups where the main purpose is to train each athlete individually.


All sports

  • Individual training
  • Individual training programs
  • Small group training
  • GymAware and OptoJump testing

We train athletes based on their individual needs and goals. Physical training is a sport specific training for every athlete which improves athlete’s performance in his or hers own sport. Our style of comprehensive training also decreases a risk of injury and overall makes athlete’s body to work biomechanically in an optimal way.



  • Individual training
  • Individual training programs
  • Small group training

Basketball training is done according to athlete’s skill level and is based on every athlete’s needs. It is important to understand but especially to be able to perform different techniques and control the body in game situations. Our concept and the techniques we teach are well-thought and are based on science and experiences from the top players.

The techniques we teach are the same that the top players around the world use but that are rarely taught to players in detail and based on their individual skill level. We use logical and detailed methods to help our athletes. Our training is available for all players no matter the position or age. All our trainings are tailor made to help our athletes in their specific needs.


GOALTENDING – ice hockey

We train ice hockey goalies in co-operation with Maalivahtitehdas. The training is comprehensive and based on individual needs of every athletes for present and future pros of goalkeeping. You can find more details through the link of Maalivahtitehdas at their link in our community/partners section.


The best athletes throughout the world are without an exception usually the most skilled and have a strong physical foundation. These athletes in team and individual sports have combined the skill and their physical and mental abilities the best possible way to excel in their sport.

They are the top trained athletes who have trained hours and hours by doing the right things that has brought out the best in these individuals. Eventually the most skilled and powerful individuals overtake the top positions in all sports.

SAHA Training focuses on every individual to find the right things to bring out the best possible athlete the person can be. Team training rarely has time for this or resources to train every athlete individually to help their progress.

To us every athlete is important and our training services are created to help every athlete in a way that brings out the best of their abilities. Our training methods are science based and proved to be succesfull in live competition.


I already know the things I need to improve on. Why would I train with SAHA Training?

The world top athletes also usually know what, how and when to train and even then they decide to train with a coach. There is a good explanation for all this.

Eventhough the athlete know how and what to train it does not bring as good results as training with a coach. This is because a coach can observe and evaluate athlete’s performances in real time. A good coach guides, gives tips to improve the athlete’s performances and takes care that the training maintains its quality.

By training with SAHA coaches you improve faster because every repetition has a meaning and the time is well spent. We emphasize to our athletes what is important and cue our athletes in a way that help them to get better faster. With us our coaching staff takes care of the planning of training and every little detail of it so the athlete gets to focus fully on the actual training.


How is SAHA different from PT- or club team training?

We combine skill work and physical training in a very unique way. We understand what comprehensive training is and how different sports need to be trained differently.

We do not train our athletes by pre-made training programs. All our trainings and programs are planned based on every individual and their needs. We treat every athlete as an individual and we go through what specifically every athlete needs from their training. Based on the conversations and tests with an athlete we create a comprehensive plan which is monitored and altered based on the results. All this is done through good communication.

In our training our athletes use their time only on aspects and exercises that makes them better in their specific sport. Skill ja physical work compliments each other. All the work is based on what every individual needs in detail.

With SAHA every athlete gets our full support and is being monitored at all times. In bigger groups this happens to be very challenging. That is why we train our athletes individually or in very small groups.



To whom SAHA Training is created for?

Our services are for professional athletes, athletes reaching their very top and young athletes. The most important quality we are looking for is the hunger to get better.

If you are an athlete who is looking forward to get better we are welcoming you to be part of our community. At the moment we are training professional, semi-professional and amateur athletes, young prospects and children who are just in the beginning of their athletic careers.

We offer our services in Finland throughout the year. Online training is also possible. All our trainings are based on individual needs and goals.


Why I cannot find pricing from the website?

All our trainings and programs are based on individual needs and every individual is unique. This is why we always price our services based on the project we have to go through with our every athlete to get the results the athlete is looking for.

We are not offering pre-made training programs because those are not ideal for everyone. We always build our training programs based on the athlete’s needs. We train athletes from various sports, competition levels and age groups and we are positive that we can help you as well.