Everything started out of conversations where we were pondering the development of athletes in Finnish pro sports and athletic circles in all. We felt that many things could have done better. Especially, an individual development of athletes. Based on our experiences the potential of individualistic training is not fully understood. A trend around the world is showing that training in team sports is taking more and more an individualistic approach. This will eventually take over in Finland as well.

There are already places and services that offer some sort of individual training. Most of the time it is a form of physical training. To make it to the top an athlete needs this kind of detailed training and preparation in all aspects though. There has to be an understanding of a sport specific skill and physical work combined with a mental part of sports. Service that combines game training and physical preparation through every individual seems to be missing. We felt that this kind of service should exist. There is already a major demand for this kind of training and it would not be fair for all these athletes if we would not offer this service already.

We felt that this kind of service should exist.

To reach the very top an athlete should be able to train daily in under quality coaching where training is well planned and thoroughly thought. We believe things can be always done a bit better and we put emphasis on details.

Athletes should be taught individually in their sport and in physical training. Athletes should be trained in a way that makes them better in competition. This should be the main focus.

We are here to challenge the current ideologies of training and we want to explore how to make athletes even better by better training. We never rely on the old habit of doing things just because this is the way it was done before. Our methods and principals are based on research and scientific facts, logical thinking and proven results. We constantly analyze our methods and try to seek better ways to train and handle our athletes to make our services even better.

Athletes’ psychological well-being is extremely important as well. To become one of the bests in your sport, an athlete has to be able to be able to overcome many challenges. One of the best ways to do this is to keep athletes motivated. Besides that our training is motivating we put lot of emphasis on good communication and we constantly track our athletes’ training process and results in a long.

There are no shortcuts to make it to the top but it is certain that the top will be reached when things are done well and often enough. Aristotle has said it well: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

By SAHA Training services we bring comprehensive individualized training as an option for athletes to reach their best, their true potential. There are too many examples of talented young athletes who never reached their best because they were not coached in a way that would have helped them the optimal way.

We want to share this information and make sure that every athlete is able to get quality coaching if they want to.

We have seen what quality training can be and what it is not. We have learned a lot from the world of professional sports. We want to share this information from the very top and make sure that every athlete is able to get quality coaching if they want to. We have a clear vision what is quality coaching and how an athlete can maximize their output. Through our services this knowledge is now available for every athlete who wants to be their best version possible.

Forf few years we as SAHA Training have developed our services and created a concept that combines physical and skill training comprehensively. We have trained athletes in Finland and also athletes competing around the world. SAHA is growing every day and we are excited that we are able to help athletes to fulfill their dreams and goals.

We have just begun but we can already see the change that is needed in the world of training.

“Those two words mean a lot. Actually they mean everything.”



We are all individuals, different personalities. This should be taken into account in sports when coaching athletes as well.

We believe that together we can achieve greater things than we can achieve alone but giving individual attention to our every athlete as a part of the community is the basic principle in everything we do.

In our individualistic approach we coach athletes based on their individual qualities, strengths and goals. Every individual needs tools and guidance to maximize their potential. This way training serves every individual in a best possible way.

There are certain guidelines that apply for majority of athletes. These basic principles create the fundamental basis for training and performance but without individualistic approach it is very difficult for an athlete to reach the full potential.

With our training every athlete gets constant individual coaching and guidance. We care for our every athlete. Our coaching style is a two-way street where an athlete is being listened and coached honestly.

For us, every athlete matters.


Great details create great results. Results are created through many details and only by focusing on details we are able to create the kind of results we want.

In our services we focus on the journey we are traveling and on the steps we are taking during that journey, so that we can end up on the desired destination: to help athletes get better.

We are always aiming to do things better, to improve and this is only possible by paying attention to details. By paying attention to details we give our athletes clear tools that help them to achieve better results.

An athlete should understand how and why behind the training so that an athlete can take part on the progress. An athelete needs to be taught in detail so there is an understanding of the wanted result. This way an athlete knows what are the steps to get better and a clear goal where to aim at. This is motivating, creates a clear path for improvement and it makes easier for everyone to evaluate the progress.

Without detailed observation training is not fully purposeful and improvement becomes random.

Details and quality are everything we do, not just when training our athletes, but part of who we are and defines everything we do.


Everything has to do with everything. There is no point of shaping details if there is no understanding how to pull everything together.

Our training is always comprehensive meaning that we take into account all the different parts that affect on an athlete’s performance to help an athlete to create succesful results.

We plan physical training and sport specific training in a way that they support each other and that every training session has a wanted effect while the training-rest ratio stays optimal.

Our physical training programs support an athlete in his or her specific sport and increase an athlete’s performance in sport specific situations and competitions. Different sports have different needs for athletes and this should be understood in all training.

At the same time in the sport specific training we keep an eye on the physical performance which enables to transform the strength and conditioning training to the sport specific movements.

Besides the physical training and sport specific skills we also put emphasis on athletes’ mental well-being. Mental well-being creates the base that makes all the training possible.

Part of our comprehensive services are also testing, recovery and nutrional services. We rehabilitate injured athletes and minimize possible risks for potential injuries.

One can always get better.