Tailor made training
in sports

Optimize your training based on your personal data with the help of coaches of professional athletes

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Tailor made training based on athlete's personal data

Fully personalized

No more one size fits all but fully tailored training plans and exercises for every workout based on you and your data. Over 20 different data points to determine your personal profile.

For athletes

For individual athletes from juniors to professional athletes in team and individual sports. Pick your sport and get started.

Teams and clubs

Get more individualized training plans for your athletes. Save time and produce more personalized training sessions to optimize your athlete's workouts with optimal progressions according to your team schedule.

Strength, conditioning and skill

Our holistic approach offers tailored training in strength and conditioning but skill training as well.

Proven results

We track your every workout, test, analyze and optimize your training as you become the best version of your athletic potential.

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