Should you dip the ball when shooting a basketball?

Should you dip the ball when shooting a basketball?

So the question is: should a player dip the ball when shooting a basketball?

Before getting to the answer we have to understand that there is no one-size fits all technique or a way of performing a skill. It all depends of the situation and the personnel. The best players choose their strategy according to the situation and the problem at hand instead of following some universal technical guidelines that define the correct way of performing. But people looooove simplifying and creating perfect solutions that fits for all and for every occasion. It is intriguing to solve all problems at once and with one answer.

And this is something that seems to be very tough for many athletes to realize. Sure, for example at SAHA we have systems and concepts we teach but the main concept is a very very very large toolbox that is being examined according to each and every athlete with their abilities, physics, history and etc.

Even if your sport is being judged by strict technical aspects there are no identical performing athletes. In games and sports that are defined solely by the result, there is even less of a need to put athletes in one box that pretends to be the answer for all players and their technical performances. There is only one criteria that stands true and that is the goal you are aiming at. How do you get there? It all depends and the solution is different for every individual and even for that one individual the solution varies according to the situation.

So NO, you should not dip the ball when shooting, but you can! and most of the time it is very useful. For Crowder at the film it was not. Remember, we can always find the perfect clip to justify our reasoning but there are million other clips to say it isn’t so. With that being said, instead of looking for the Holy Grail of [fill with your preferred interest – and here it is shooting], look for the problem at hand and make it a problem based solution. Use this approach versus trying to use your one key for every different lock that comes to your way – even if you call it the master key.

Yours sincerely

Samuel Haanpää
SAHA Training


Jaksotus – intro

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4 Responses

    1. Thanks for the question Jussi! The solution on any situation involving skill should be based on the problem at hand. That is why sometimes dipping is useful and sometimes it is not.
      // Samuel

      1. Very carefully looking frame by frame, yes the ball is not doing the dipping -putting he ball down-but the body action has it is inside the jump. The rhythm makes the action, Legs, middle body, elbows and shoulders. Happens as he grabs the basketball in his hands. He has a big power under the ball. 💎😉, great body balance.

        1. This is why we should be careful with the terms and not get stuck with certain technicalities. Same terms might sound different for different people.
          // Samuel


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